Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryers

A commercial deep fryer used to just be for the kitchens of fast food restaurants, cafeterias, and other high-volume service settings. But when concepts like the gastropub incorporated fried fare into haute cuisine, the commercial fryer became an essential to any kitchen. Our fryers from Pitco, Grindmaster, and more have features and size options to meet your needs and fit into your workflow.

Pitco Fryers

Pitco 35C+S Fryer $725.00 Pitco 35C+SS Fryer $2,690.60 Pitco 45C+S Fryer $1,140.00 Pitco 45C+SS Fryer $3,417.70 Pitco 65C+S Fryer $1,299.00 Pitco 65C+SS Fryer $4,041.40 Pitco SE14 Solstice Fryer $4,610.10 Pitco SE14R Solstice Fryer $5,240.40 Pitco SE18 Solstice Fryer $5,666.10 Pitco SG14RS Solstice Fryer $2,170.00 Pitco SG14-S Solstice Fryer $1,575.00 Pitco SG14-SS Solstice Fryer $1,475.00 Pitco SG14R-S Solstice Fryer $2,170.00 Pitco SG14R-SS Solstice Fryer $4,969.80 Pitco SG14RDI Solstice Fryer $4,121.70 Pitco SE18R Solstice Fryer $6,296.40

Centaur Fryers

Centaur ABF16 Electric Countertop Fryer, Full Pot $260.74 Centaur ABF32 Electric Countertop Fryer, Split Pot $470.38 Centaur ABF10 Electric Countertop Fryer, Full Pot $233.62

Grindmaster Fryers

Grindmaster FMS403LP Cecilware Pro Fryer $799.00 Grindmaster FMS403NAT Cecilware Pro Fryer $799.00 Grindmaster FMS504LP Cecilware Pro Fryer $999.50 Grindmaster FMS504NAT Cecilware Pro Fryer $999.50 Grindmaster FMS705LP Cecilware Pro Fryer $1,275.00 Grindmaster EFS65-540923 Fryer $2,847.50 Grindmaster EFP40-540420 Fryer $1,898.00 Grindmaster EFP40-540423 Fryer $1,898.00 Grindmaster EFS40-540523 Fryer $2,214.00 Grindmaster EFS65-540920 Fryer $2,847.50 Grindmaster FMS705NAT Cecilware Pro Fryer $1,275.00

Vulcan Fryers

Vulcan 1GR35M-1 Fryer Gas 35 lb. $2,435.00 Vulcan 1GR45M-1 Fryer Gas 45 lb. $3,000.00 Vulcan 1GR65M-1 Fryer Gas 65 lb. $3,500.00 Vulcan LG500-1 Fryer Gas 65-70 lb. $1,610.00 Vulcan LG300 Fryer Gas 35-40 lb. $955.00 Vulcan LG400-1 Fryer Gas 45-50 lb. $1,240.00 Vulcan 1GR85M-1 Fryer Gas 85 lb. $3,725.00

Top Sellers

Pitco 35C+S Fryer
List Price: $4,324.00
Our Price: $725.00
Pitco SG14-S Solstice Fryer
List Price: $6,722.00
Our Price: $1,575.00
Grindmaster EL250 Countertop Fryer
List Price: $1,194.00
Our Price: $597.00
Grindmaster EFP40-540420 Fryer
List Price: $3,796.00
Our Price: $1,898.00
Vulcan LG300 Fryer Gas 35-40 lb.
List Price: $2,484.00
Our Price: $955.00