Benefit Your Restaurant By Providing Wi-Fi To Your Customers

In this day and age, technology reigns supreme. And since roughly 68% of adults in the US currently own a smartphone, having access to this technology has become more vital than ever. With a world of information and social media at your fingertips, including trending news topics, political engagement, and the occasional “Puppy chasing cat around the house until they become fatigued and cuddle with each other” video, the perception of necessity comes into play.

With any business, you want to be as accommodating as possible. Your customer service should be nothing short of excellent, and your ability to maintain brand integrity while delivering the highest quality of your product/service should be great. With that being said, restaurateurs can find ways to further entice customers to eat at their foodservice establishment. And providing free Wi-Fi is an option that has been overlooked for quite some time. More restaurant owners are currently hopping on the bandwagon, but there are still plenty of locations that don’t offer this service.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Won’t this take away from the atmosphere and the tradition of sitting down with friends and/or family to partake in a serviced meal?” As a matter of fact, it can further enhance this! Here’s why we think you would benefit from providing Wi-Fi to your customers:

It Will Enhance Your Customers’ Experience.

Sometimes, we need a break. And cyber-engagement can be a nice escape from reality. We all want to feel connected with one another, and even though intimate conversation with those close to you (and not) is the #1 way to connect with someone, having internet capability and social media at your disposal further enhances your ability to be relatable. Free Wi-Fi at your restaurant will make customers stay longer due to craving a prolonged escape from reality, and associate your restaurant’s brand as “hip”.

Entices Social Media Posting.

It’s commonplace these days to let everyone know what you’re up to on social media. And since eating out is one of the top activities people can engage in, it seems logical that restaurants should be providing Wi-Fi. Customers feel connected to their dining experience and the restaurant if free Wi-Fi is just a click away. They will feel more inclined to let others know how great their experience was. You may even get your own trending hashtag if enough people are checking in! And high-quality pictures of your establishment’s cuisine is always a plus. It’s essentially free publicity from customers.

A Great Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Since guests will be providing basic contact information to sign onto your network, they can subscribe to your restaurant’s newsletter, social media accounts, etc. to stay in constant contact. Your Wi-Fi will also be able to tell you how frequently customers have connected and their length of stay. Utilizing this information to tailor marketing messages to your target demographic is beneficial, as sending the same, generic promotions to everyone can seem quite impersonal.