Ask REC: Omega Juicer Warranties?

"What's the deal with the warranties on Omega Juicers? Some places it says 10 years, some places it says 1 year. So which it is?" Well, the answer is very simple. It all depends on the usage! For commercial use, all Omega juicers and blenders…

Top 5 Reach-In Refrigerators

The Top 5 Reach-In Refrigerators from

Let's Talk About : Live Chat

We all lead pretty busy lives nowadays. Sometimes, you just need an answer right away. You might not be able to make a call, and who has time to email? Enter.... THE LIVE CHAT.

Let's Talk About : Membership

So let's say you're scrolling along through our website when you find a product you just absolutely love. And that's when it hits you. "Hey, Restaurant Equipment Club! I'd like a quote for the best price you can offer on an item but I'm not…

Let's Talk About : How To Order

When it comes to ordering from Restaurant Equipment Club, there's 2 ways to do it. Here we'll show you just how easy it is to order the item you need! Ordering Online Ordering online is the simplest way to go about ordering your item(s). First create…