Equipment Procurement

Vulcan's New FastBatch™ Braising Pan Technology

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Introducing Vulcan's New FastBatch™ Braising Pan Technology   It’s every enterprising, bottom line-conscious restaurant owner’s dream: For food to cook faster without sacrificing the end result. That dream is now a reality thanks…

Manufacturer's Spotlight: Pacojet

We've all been there; You have deeply frozen food products that you want to turn into delicious sauces and sorbets, but you don't have the time to let these foods thaw. So how can you do it quickly and efficiently? Enter Pacojet. About Pacojet The…

Manufacturer's Spotlight: Glastender

Glastender may not sound like a familiar moniker to you, but it is actually one of the most premiere names in the bar service industry. ABOUT Stationed in Saginaw, Michigan in the US, Glastender, Inc. started as a family business in…

Manufacturer's Spotlight: MVP Group (Ikon Series)

For over 50 years, MVP Group has been a leader in the commercial foodservice industry. Ranging from standard cooking equipment to industrial food preparation, every product line they manufacture is carefully crafted and masterfully manufactured…

The Future Of Tabletop: Little M. Tucker

For decades, hospitality professionals looking to source something other than white-body porcelain tableware had to visit vintage shops, scroll boutique supply sites, or work within the constraints of retail items not designed for commercial…

Manufacturer's Spotlight: Citrocasa

Citrocasa Juicers came to visit us in our New Jersey offices yesterday and brought with them one of our favorite products! (We'll admit we're biased, but we just really like orange juice!)

Manufacturer's Spotlight: Vulcan

Vulcan is among the world's largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment, with worldwide distribution of the broadest lines of gas and electric equipment.

Manufacturer's Spotlight : Henkelman Vacuum Systems

Henkelman Vacuum Systems recently stopped by the REC office to give us a demonstrations on just how their vacuum sealers work, and to show us how versatile these machines can be.