Scary Sales And Tricks To Treat Your Customers

Halloween; You either love it or hate it. There’s something about the spooktacular celebration that either entices people to run in the streets and scream for sugary sweets, or encourages them to keep their doors locked and their lights dimmed. Whatever the case may be, Halloween seems to have drastically risen in popularity in recent years. Other holidays are certainly bigger and more respected, but Halloween unleashes an unparalleled amount of creativity that you can use to your advantage when promoting a sale or new product. And it isn’t just for little kids; It manages to hit a combination of millennials and older individuals, which is the prime demographic of the foodservice industry. So even if you’re not the biggest fan of witches and broomsticks, it’s certainly an opportunity to maximize on your marketing tactics. Here are a few promotional ideas that you can try out:

Dressed Up Deals

We all know that dressing up for Halloween is the best part. So why not take advantage of that? Run a promotion that if a customer and/or their child shows up to your restaurant decked out in a unique costume, that they will receive 10% off their meal. Or perhaps a free side dish or drink. Whatever the deal may be, it’s a great way to increase traffic and keep customers satisfied.

Creative Contests

Social media is a vital tool in growing and sustaining your business. Your platform should reflect your company’s values and identity with a humane approach. People love to interact with a down-to-Earth business. Have customers compete in a costume competition where they must tag your business in the photo(s), and give out coupons to the top costumes. This will not only boost your brand and entertain your customers, but will also provide free exposure. And that’s priceless.

Simply Scary Sales

A good idea is also to run a simple promotion without a customer or their child dressing up for the occasion. For example, IHOP is currently running a promo where kids 12 and under can receive a free Scary Face Pancake on Halloween day. The pancake comes with whipped cream, strawberries, mini Oreo cookies, and candy corn so that children can create their own scary faces. They also encourage people as an added bonus to share pictures of their creation on social media for the chance to win prizes. It’s a win-win!

Image result for ihop scary face pancakes

So spooky, yet so cute.

So even if Halloween is not your cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee, your customers will grow fond of your dedication and your spooky sales!


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