Communicate With Your Restaurant Staff – By Texting?

Let me preface this article by stating the obvious; I am not insinuating that you should let your employees use their phone anytime they please. This is simply a unique way to streamline communication in your business.

If you run a restaurant or any business for that matter, you know that communication is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that goes along with running an efficient restaurant, it’s not always convenient to run up to your servers while they’re balancing 5 steaks and a round of cocktails to remind them about upcoming staff training. And here is what I’m getting at; Texting.

For firms, corporate centers, or office jobs in general, it’s a lot easier to integrate a team-chat service to manage projects, discussions, and details. Since you’re constantly running around in a commercial kitchen or dining hall, this option is not feasible.


The easiest integration of group texting would be for scheduling. If you have an upcoming holiday and want to clear the air on the status of your restaurant, simply send out a text stating if your employees are off that day. If hours need to be shifted and you’re not sure who is around, hit up the group.


Let’s say you had an employee who needed to seek medical treatment or could not make their shift due to a personal issue. Your first reaction may be to individually call your workers until (hopefully) one is free for the shift. And since people tend to be busy most of the time, the likelihood of someone answering the call and being free to come in is a lot more limited. But by initiating a group chat with your employees, you can send out a mass text early in the day so that by the time your peak hours rise, you will have a much better response rate.

Ask For Feedback

If you feel as if your employees have something to say or simply want to provide an outlet for honest feedback, texting may be the way to do it. With the avoidance of confrontation and a clear forum to respond, having employees send out feedback of your business can be a great way to expand upon your services, benefits, and whatever else may come to light.

Don’t Send Spam

But make sure to utilize mass texting in a proper fashion. If there is a shift in benefits, scheduling changes, or business communication, send out messages on a need-to-know basis. If you use the group chat to spam or send out texts too frequently, it may cause your employees to overlook vital information. And that would defeat the purpose of