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Design & Layout

During an initial complimentary consultation with your Project Manager, we discuss your business goals, kitchen requirements, and any special considerations that need to be made. Our designers will work diligently to understand the flows and needs of your kitchen, and the different work areas that need to be integrated.

As the design and layout process unfolds, we’ll work closely with you to provide a full-service solution for your business. Our CAD drafters will provide a complete set of technical drawings for your commercial kitchen design including the layout of all equipment, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins. This includes elevation drawings of the kitchen and bar areas. Our in-depth and comprehensive drawings will ultimately save you time and money by avoiding any issues that may occur throughout the installation stage.

Equipment Procurement

Through our longterm and well-established relationships with equipment manufacturers, we are able to offer very competitive pricing on products. We extend an exclusive two-year warranty on a majority of our equipment, which is unique from our competition. Building a commercial kitchen isn’t an easy process but we understand quick deadlines, and we have the inventory, fleet and vendor relationships to make things happen quickly.

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100+ Kitchens

Designed & Built Last Year

48 U.S. States

and continually growing

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Project Managers

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Package Consolidation

Package consolidation is the process of bundling multiple pieces of equipment into one shipment. To maximize cost, delivery and installation efficiency, we consolidate your equipment package at one of our facilities or at a local warehouse, depending on the job location. This process not only increases the security of your shipment, but also decreases your overall freight fees.

Project Management & Installation

REC Contract Design provides complex commercial kitchen builds to businesses of all sizes and types. We have catered to some of the most demanding projects and deadlines in the foodservice industry. Year after year, we consistently complete a wide array of commercial kitchen layouts and designs on-time and on budget. At the heart of every successful kitchen design is a responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly project manager.

Our project managers handle the entirety of your project from to start to finish, collaborating closely with contractors to provide the highest-quality service. From scheduling site meetings and overseeing construction to verifying that site conditions are in code, we make sure your restaurant kitchen design is carefully completed. These visits are important, as they can help avoid any costly mistakes and/or change orders due to misinformation.

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Professional & Courteous Set-in-Place Delivery

From initial contact to delivery and installation, we commit to make each touch point you have with REC Contract Design professional, courteous, polite and punctual. We are confident that the professional set-in-place delivery service that we provide to our commercial kitchen design and build customers will leave a lasting impression. For over 99 years and three generations, we have insisted on attention to detail, knowledgeable staff and quality service. Moving heavy foodservice equipment requires careful planning and meticulous handling in tough-to-navigate spaces. When you partner with us you can be assured your delivery will be handled by a specialized team of foodservice delivery and installation professionals.

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