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Foodservice Trends For 2019

With a new year on the horizon, we are excited to see the changes in the Foodservice industry. Here are some foodservice trends being speculated for 2019:

Levantine Cuisine

Israeli cuisine has gained more eyes (and stomachs) in the past couple of years. This has led to flavor experimentation from Israel’s neighboring countries. Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon influence can be found in an abundance in independent eateries. Ingredients including schmaltz and urfa and sauces such as labneh and tahini are being used in new, innovative ways.

Natural Enhancements

“Functional food” is already a trend, but in the new year, there will be greater expansion. Natural enhancements to help with bodily functions will become commonplace to those who request it. This may include using ingredients such as collagen and cannabis to enhance brain function, beauty, and mental health.

Sensory In Social Media

Sites like Instagram and Facebook have changed the way the food industry shares its work. Tailoring content specifically for social media has become necessary in today’s technology-based society. And with the integration of custom stories and live video, this tech trend has reached a new level. Curating quality video content is key to staying relevant and being successful. In 2019, videos will include visual effects like color-changing cocktails and candy-popping audio enhancements. Menus will also most likely be adapting to this change in some fashion.

Going Green(er)

Plant-based dining has always been a thing, but it’s not just about staying away from meat; It encourages a “greener” approach to life. For example, a recent green initiative has restaurants banning plastic straws in an effort to eliminate waste. In addition, compostable food packaging is now a priority to foodservice operators. This eco-friendly push continues through third-party industry policies banning meat consumption and encouraging employees not to eat it when going out.

True Transparency

Having complete transparency is vital in business (and in life), but do you really receive complete transparency from a business? The foodservice consumer of tomorrow will expect brands to be 100% transparent with not only pricing, corporate ongoings, and workplace ethics, but also with their stance on environmental causes and the welfare of animals. We are especially happy with this one. I think we all deserve the truth.