Game Day Promotions To Kick-Off Sales

The Super Bowl is a jumbo-sized spectacle with a side of queso. It’s been reported that Americans spend a national average of over $15 billion on food, booze, and decorations to celebrate the event. Let that sink in. $15 billion. That’s 16 times more than Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth.


Even Jerry thinks that’s crazy.

And it’s no secret that businesses can truly benefit from these numbers.

Especially bars.

Picture this: It’s Super Bowl Sunday, you’re running low on time, your house is a mess, and there’s no way you can pull together a party. You just heard about a new sports bar in the area with raving reviews. Bingo! They have beer, wings, and flatscreens as far as the eye can see. Everything works out; You and your buddies can watch the game while not having to worry about any of the cleanup. But you’re not the only one who feels this way. Hundreds of thousands of people are in the same boat. And that means big business. Now, as a business owner, this would be prime time to cash in and offer incentives for customers old and new.  So you may be asking; “How can I capitalize on this?” Glad you asked!

Offer Deep Discounts

Customers are already going to be paying big bucks for Super Bowl service, so why not sweeten the pot with some savings? Some ideas could be offering a free beer after every $25 spent, or 15% off an entire party order of $60 or more.

Provide Pick-Up And/Or Delivery

It’s no secret that we live in the age of convenience. You can tell your smart tv to put on The Godfather for the 10th time this week while ordering a pizza via Twitter. So why not offer the same convenience to your customers? Just because they’re not coming into your establishment doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of that additional revenue stream. And if you’re business doesn’t regularly deal with delivery, make it a deal they can’t refuse; Offer exclusive discounts on food products only available by delivery or pickup!

Keep It Interesting

Getting customers through the door is one thing, but keeping them around and consistently ordering more is another. Spice it up by offering specials based on what’s happening in the game. For example, you could offer $3 beers and $4 shots within 5 minutes of a touchdown. That would certainly bring some waving hands to the bar. And why not offer discounts during halftime? This would provide a nice break where your patrons can re-stock on food and drinks for the rest of the game. A win-win. Except for if your team loses. Then I apologize ahead of time.