Offering Convenient Curbside Delivery


Offering delivery for your restaurant is no longer an optional service if you want to survive and thrive in the foodservice industry. And even standard delivery may not be enough to entice customers. Pick-up and curbside delivery are two growing trends among restaurant operators. Offering convenient curbside delivery can seriously grow your business, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds.


You may be thinking; “How much extra would this cost me?” But other than maybe a small budget for advertising your new services, next to nothing. As a restaurateur, you already have access to a complete kitchen, dozens of recipes, and experienced chefs. Coupled with a loyal customer base and room to expand in your area, and you’re practically there! And with proper branding and consistent social media, you can spread the word a lot easier.


A wide variety of chains, supermarkets, and more are hopping on this trend. Patrons that have busy schedules have to budget their time accordingly, and curbside delivery is a simple solution that allows customers to pick up their favorite foods without sacrificing a great deal of time. And with this simple integration, your business can see increased sales. This also adds the opportunity to attract a new group of customers, who will see you as an easy and innovative establishment to choose over the competition.

Sure, you may have to reserve a few parking spaces next to your front, back, or side doors and assign staff to regulate this new addition, but other than that, this can really boost your sales without drastically increasing your overhead.