Picking A Pizza POS System

If you are a restaurant or business owner, then you are most likely familiar with POS (Point of Sale) systems.

“Did you just ASSUME I would know??”

Okay, sorry! Well, we all know that the ‘Point of Sale’ is where a retail transaction is completed. And in an age where seamless digital convenience takes the cake (or pie in this case), having the proper POS System can make a world of difference. A checkout center at any retail space typically including a cash register, scanner, or other device used for recording a transaction, accompanied with a credit/debit card reader. This is the basic setup at 99% of establishments you will visit. POS systems are also multi-functional depending on the software you are using,allowing for inventory, warehousing, etc. But, we’ll save that for another conversation.

So you probably read the title and asked yourself, “Well, why would Pizza POS Systems be any different? Can’t I just use this guide for ANY restaurant?”

Surely! But as simple and beautiful as pizza is, the ordering cycle can prove to be a bit more involved than one might initially anticipate. Here are some tips on picking the right point-of-sale system for your pizza shop!

‘Free’ does not always mean ‘Good’.


This is a concept as old as time. We have all been there. You get what you pay for in life, and sometimes, you simply can’t avoid shelling out for a high priced necessity. But it’s always difficult when a service that is constantly screaming ‘FREE’ in your face to turn it down. Going with a free POS system will withhold most features that you will need to ease the frustration of the checkout process…which is most likely why you wanted a reliable POS system in the first place. With so many limitations and lack of controls over major areas, you will be deterred from going with ‘Free’.

You need options. And lots of them.


Since there are so many variables and customizable options with ordering pizza, a standard POS system would hold you back. With sizes, crusts, toppings, and more, tracking inventory can seem like a chore. The complexity doesn’t stop there though. Wait until you get a customer who wants extra cheese on half, no sausage on the other half, and double onions on the entire pie. Keeping the order straight may become overwhelming. And then of course you get the guy who orders ‘None Pizza with Left Beef’.


Where my Tumblrs at?

You want your pizza point-of-sale to recognize that you use less pepperoni on a 3 topping pizza than on a 1 topping, and general POS systems cannot calculate that for you. And of course once you introduce coupons and delivery into the mix, that adds another depth of tracking that you need specialized software for. General market POS systems simply don’t cut it.

But don’t splurge on additional content unless necessary.


Having options is definitely a plus, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles off the bat. Get a system which includes the main features, and see if you can negotiate some add-ons as a part of your bundled purchase. If you can get a processing partner for credit cards, don’t pay for extra processing software. And inventory software is not needed immediately, so get accustomed to your system prior to purchasing. And make sure to find a company that will offer an online ordering solution that is easily integrated with your software so you don’t have to pay any additional fees for development. No one wants to spend extra money.

We hope you found our tips to be useful. Now go out there and spend a moderate amount of money on your pizza POS system!