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Top Beers For Fall

Our Top Beers For Fall

Summer is over. We know, it’s a bummer. But with the leaves turning and the weather cooling, it’s time to sip on some seasonals. Here is a list of some of our top beers for Fall!

Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin Beer

So we’re going to get the most obvious choice out of the way. Pumpkin everything has asserted its September dominance for years now, and beer is no exception. Not every lover of brew will enjoy this flavor, however, there are some concoctions that implement the right amount of spices to complement your palate.

Our picks:

  • Dogfish Head Punkin (Milton, DE), 7% ABV
  • Hoppin’ Frog Frog’s Hollow (Akron, OH), 8.4% ABV
  • Southern Tier Pumking (Lakewood, NY), 8.6% ABV
  • Heavy Seas Great’er Pumpkin (Baltimore, MD), 10% ABV


Oktoberfest Beer

Oktoberfest originated as a Bavarian wedding celebration in the 19th century, but we still celebrate it to this day. So why not bring the tradition to your spot? It’s a great way to promote tasty Oktoberfest blends at your bar or restaurant. Oktoberfest beers typically have less bitterness and more of a “bread” flavor.

Our picks:

  • Port City Oktoberfest (Alexandria, VA), 5.5% ABV
  • Otter Creek/Camba Bavaria Oktoberfest (Middlebury, VT/Seeon, Germany), 5.5% ABV
  • Jack’s Abby Copper Legend Octoberfest (Framingham, MA), 5.7% ABV
  • Three Floyds Munsterfest Lager (Munster, IN), 6% ABV

Porters & Stouts

Stout Beer

There’s something about the fall that changes the taste buds. People start to crave darker brews as opposed to lighter ales available during the heat. Porters and stouts have a malty taste to them, which gives a richer, fuller flavor. Complements well with coffee flavoring and chocolate. I am personally not a huge fan, but I don’t mind one every now and then.

Our picks:

  • Guinness Draught Nitro Stout (Ireland) 4.2% ABV
  • Hoppin’ Frog Brewery Infusion A Coffee Porter (Akron, OH) 6.2% ABV
  • Migration Brewing Heritage Barrel Aged Porter (Portland, OR), 6.7% ABV
  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. Blackout Imperial Stout (Cleveland, OH) 9.9% ABV


IPA Beer

I’m no expert, but the more alcohol content in your beer, the better for business. IPAs are perfect for this. They provide fresh, pine-like flavor and scents bursting with a floral fragrance. More bang for your buck here. Granted, it is an aquired taste, but plenty of options to enjoy.

Our picks:

  •  Beer’d Brewing Company Hobbit Juice (Stonington, CT) 9.2% ABV
  •  Ska Brewing Company Decadent Imperial IPA (Durango, CO) 10% ABV
  •  Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster (Cleveland, OH) 9.10% ABV
  •  Three Floyds Brewing Permanent Funeral Imperial IPA (Munster, IN) 10.5% ABV



Our last picks may not be beer per se, but there are plenty of patrons that will enjoy a nice cider or two to get into the season. It provides a nice alternative to your more hoppy, standard brews. Diversity is key! And with a crisp, fruity taste, what’s not to enjoy?

Our picks:

  •  Angry Orchard Apple Cider (Walden, NY), 5.0% ABV
  •  Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider (Middlebury, VT) 5.0% ABV
  •  Shacksbury Semi-Dry (Vergennes, VT) 6.5% ABV
  •  Harpoon Craft Cider (Boston, MA) 4.8% ABV