Plate with fork, knife, and rose

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day can be a special day. It can also bring on unnecessary stress. Everyone wants to make this day special, and the pressure of finding the perfect way, or place, to spend the evening can be a little tricky. It’s estimated that an average of $143 is spent on dinner during Valentine’s Day, with a total of $19 billion being spent. With these statistics, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the biggest days in the restaurant industry. It can certainly be difficult to stand out amongst the competition, but here are some ways you can attract couples this Valentine’s Day!

Offer Early Reservation Specials

Reserving the perfect time can be tricky. Offering early reservation specials can be a great way to relieve stress and entice customers. For example, you can offer one free drink or dessert if a customer books their reservation prior to a date you set. And this will give you a decent headcount to work off of. A win-win!

Valentine’s Day Menu

Because there will be an abundance of meal orders being placed, you may want to simplify your menu for the sake of your customers and your chef. Keeping the menu at a fixed promotional price may also entice more couples to come and stay. Crafting Valentine’s themed dishes and drinks is a fun way to spice things up. For example, you could create heart-shaped deserts or offer fine crystal champagne flutes. Offering pairing suggestions to your guests encourages additional wine and beverage purchases as well.

All About The Little Things

As a society, we tend to gravitate towards the little things; Positive actions, compliments, the last cookie from the cookie jar. And you can help personalize your customer’s experience with little things of your own! Flowers, name cards, and even proposal packages can turn an evening from special into…even more special! Asking guests about personal preferences during the booking process can help you greatly. This makes the process a bit more simple and allows for a much more enhanced dining experience.

Social Media Promotion

Time to get the word out! Giving a glimpse into your Valentine’s Day experience will show diners what to expect and drum up some excitement. Give a behind-the-scenes look at the menu, drinks, and flowers. Use plenty of red coloration and warmth, showcasing your restaurant as the place to be this Valentine’s Day! And remember; angles are everything.